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  1. Jens J. Dahlgaard, Kai Kristensen, Gopal K. Kanji - 2005 - 372 pages - Preview
    Now, more than ever, it is important to develop a quality strategy by adopting the principles of TQM. This important text provides a solid framework for understanding the basic concepts of TQM. - More editions
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    Christopher William Blackburn - 1997 - 104 pages - No preview
  3. Peggy Hackney - 1998 - 257 pages - No preview - More editions
  4. Eugene F. Brigham, Joel F. Houston - 2009 - 752 pages - Preview
    4-4a Total Debt to Total Assets The ratio of total debt to total assets, generally called the debt ratio, measures the Debt Ratio percentage of funds provided by creditors: The ratio of total debt to Total debt Debt ratio 14 Total ... - More editions
  5. William Thomas Silfvast - 2004 - 642 pages - Preview
    Total Angular Momentum In classical terms, the total angular momentum vector J consists of the vector sum of the orbital angular momentum vector L and the spin angular momentum vector S: J = L + S. (3.71) Thus, the total angular ... - More editions
  6. Bernard A. Rosner - 2006 - 868 pages - Preview
    the product of the number of units in the /th row multiplied by the number of units in the /th column, divided by the total number of units in the table. Cancer Compute the expected table for the data in Table 10.18. ... - More editions
  7. Michelle Mullen - 2004 - 127 pages - Preview
    If you get 2 on the next shot, you will receive a total of 9 for the second frame, and add it to the score in the first ... A strike on the next shot will be worth at least 10 in the third frame, depending on the total number of pins ...
  8. Krishna Gopal - 2004 - 165 pages - Preview
    This analyser measures total carbon (TC), inorganic carbon (IC) and total organic carbon (TOC) in water. Its operation is based on the combustion/non- dispersive infrared gas analysis method. Measurement of TC TC (total carbon) is ...
  9. Dan Mays McGill, Kyle N. Brown, John J. Haley - 2010 - 818 pages - Preview
    Chapter 7 Total Retirement Income: Setting Goals and Meeting Them Chapter 1 made the case that when older workers could no longer support themselves directly throughearnedincomeor indirectly by receiving support fromtheir families,the ... - More editions
  10. Thomas B. Lawson - 1995 - 355 pages - Preview
    Total alkalinity is defined as the total amount of titratable bases in water expressed as mg/L of equivalent calcium ... Total alkalinity does not have a direct effect on fish but, generally speaking, waters having a total alkalinity ... - More editions